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March 14, 2008: The Foundation Stone

Everything else will wait until after Shabbat. Here I simply want to share the words spoken in the course of ceremonies yesterday at Yeshivat Mercaz HaRav to mark the end of the shiva (week of mourning) for the eight boys who were slain. We must not forget these boys, and their murders must serve to make us stronger. That is the message the rabbis deliver.

Rabbi Eitan Eisman, a teacher at the yeshiva, speaking first, said:

"Their sanctification of God's name led to a powerful unity. Suddenly, it is understood what the holiness of this yeshiva is...

"Our job is to continue to broadcast the greatness of the people of Israel and the Land of Israel, the great connectedness to this land...

"...We will continue to love the People of Israel, the Army of Israel, and the government, with all of the piercing criticism we have of it."

Rabbi Yaakov Shapira , head of the Yeshiva, said:

"The Yeshiva will persevere and be strengthened , and if there was a certain weakness in Israel in the recent past, then this awesome killing came and exposed the magnificent strengths throughout the House of Israel. The process of suffering brings to the fore the power of faith within us.

"The people expect a systemic revival to increase Torah, faith and to connect with the foundation stone from which we are hewn. That is our job at this hour, to increase courage, with combined forces, to elevate others and to be elevated in this study hall, filled with mighty scholars from the Land of Israel, who spend their entire lives acting with daring for the sake of the fulfillment of the Torah. As against the great desecration of God's name inherent in the murder of these eight lights, may God avenge their blood, we will increase the sanctification of God's name."

Shabbat Shalom




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